Ferret Mk2/3 Scout Car
Located in Tulsa, OK
FOR SALE - Price on Request
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The Ferret is an armoured 4X4 vehicle designed for road and cross-country use. The primary role of the Ferret was reconnaissance. Over 4400 Ferrets were manufactured by Daimler LTD, UK, between 1952 to 1971. There are 16 variants of the Ferret that were produced. The different variants, indicated by the Mark number assigned, differed in many ways. The vehicle is of an all welded steel construction. Power is provided by a Rolls Royce B60 series in-line 6 cylinder petrol engine. The suspension is fully independent with a coil spring and hydraulic damper at each wheel. The brakes are hydraulic.


Engine: Rolls Royce B60 six cylinder petrol engine
Transmission: preselect 5 speed
Top Speed: 58 mph
Weight (empty): 7722 lbs
Height: 4 ft 9 in
Length: 12 ft 7 in
Width: 6 ft 3 in
Electrical System: 24 volt (2-12 volt batteries)
Tires: 9.00 X 16 Run Flat

Notes: This is a very good Mk2/3 Ferret that is fully operational/ ready to drive. It has just been thoroughly serviced at our maintenance shop.

The sale will include a deac Browning M1919A4 machine gun, an operational Clansman intercom with two headsets, a set of British Army tech manuals, and a variety of kit/accessories.

We can assist with arranging transportation if requested.