SAXON APC - Model: AT105
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma
FOR SALE - Price on Request
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General Information/ Specs: The Saxon is a 10 man APC made to carry a rifle squad into a non-permissive environment. These 4X4 20,000 + pound armoured carriers are powered by a Bedford 500 6 cylinder diesel and four speed Allison transmission. A tall vehicle with substantial ground clearance, good fording and excellent cross country capability. The driver position is roomy and well organized, with spacious capacity for troops, patients or weapons firing. The vehicle has standard military 24 volt electrics, 14.00 X 20 tyres, and pintle both front and rear. Most units have been retrofitted with smoke dischargers. In all this is a very modern, well engineered APC, currently on active duty with British forces in many Theaters of Operations from NI to Iraq. Saxon Specs

Crew: APC = 2+ 10
Engine: Bedford 500 diesel 164 bhp
Transmission: Allison automatic 4F/1R
Transfer: 2 speed
Speed: 60 mph
Weight: 21,868 lbs
Height: 9 ft 41/2 in
Length: 17 ft
Width: 8 ft 2 in
Ground Clearance: 1 ft 4 in
Electrical System: 24 volt (2X12 volt batteries)
Fuel Capacity: 39.7 US gallons
Fording: 3ft 8 in
Tires: 13.00X20 or 14.00X20

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