US Air Force
1966 Ford T-950 Truck Tractor
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma
FOR SALE- $8,500
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General Information/ Specs: This particular T-950 was built in September 1965. The T-950 was one of the heaviest duty commercial production road tractors available in 1966. This particular truck has some interesting history as it was used to haul nuclear weapon systems in and around an Air Force base in the western US. The truck was restored to an operational condition approximately 3 years ago. It is currently tagged and titled in Oklahoma. The engine starts and runs well. The truck is still used occasionally to haul armored vehicles to local parades and shows. The truck is marked with its original military registration numbers. This is the only Ford T-950 known to be restored in its original military configuration. Engine: 534 cubic inch V-8 gasoline engine producing 266HP
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Controlled Differential: 2 speed auxiliary
Top Speed: 60 plus mph
Weight (empty): 13,770 lbs
Height: 8 ft 4 in
Tires: 10.00x20 highway
Fuel Capacity: 110 gallons/ 2 55 gallon step tanks
Brakes: Air
Electrical System: 12 volt ( 1-12 volt battery)